Fashion tips and favorite products for my Cystic Fibrosis body

With CF, unexpected body changes can make getting dressed in the morning a frustrating experience. Exhibit A: What size will I be in the morning? Although your friends may remark that they too would 'love to eat anything and not [...]

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Simple pet-friendly washable couch covers

I have cystic fibrosis and we have 5 pets that shed.  We love our pets! The dogs are kept off the furniture as they are large dogs and they have their own beds with washable covers in different places in [...]

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Think INSIDE the box to make inhaled treatments easier

It’s taken me a long time, but I finally have a 'system' that has made inhaled treatments easier to keep up with. Background In childhood, I was very compliant with the CF treatments, as my parents helped me. I didn’t need [...]

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