Top remedies or tools for CF related ailments

I always recommend that CF patients follow the standard, approved CF treatments as prescribed by their medical team. However even with the prescribed treatments, I regularly experience ailments that fall outside of the normal acutely sick symptoms. Often it is a general lethargy or body soreness, with/without more coughing - but with normal blood results, no new bugs to treat, and no unusual explanation. For these things, I have benefited from the below remedies and gadgets that I use alongside all my regular therapies (never instead of): 1. Carrot, beetroot [...]

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Awesome, easy, sweet corn bread recipe (3 ingredients, 5 minutes prep!)

Guests love home-made bread! Today I am sharing my favourite time-saving party trick - a ridiculously easy and delicious baked bread for special occasions. You only need 3 pantry ingredients and 5 mins for prep! It is the superman of party bread. It is a hit with all ages and fussy eaters. It doesn't require eggs, so works for vegetarians. It is yeast-free but doesn't use weird* ingredients. We are always fighting over who gets the leftovers (when there are leftovers), and with [...]

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Simple pet-friendly washable couch covers

I have cystic fibrosis and we have 5 pets that shed.  We love our pets! The dogs are kept off the furniture as they are large dogs and they have their own beds with washable covers in different places in the house. But the cats do a fine job of getting their hair EVERYWHERE. While I am not acutely allergic, I used to be when we first got the cats, so I feel it can only help to be in hair [...]

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