Simple pet-friendly washable couch covers

I have cystic fibrosis and we have 5 pets that shed.  We love our pets! The dogs are kept off the furniture as they are large dogs and they have their own beds with washable covers in different places in the house. But the cats do a fine job of getting their hair EVERYWHERE. While I am not acutely allergic, I used to be when we first got the cats, so I feel it can only help to be in hair and dust-free environment. Especially for the lung, asthma, and sinus elements of CF. Our home is tiled and we have small rugs that we wash regularly. However, keeping the fabric couches free from pet hair is high-maintenance!

This year I waited too long to bother with Christmas decorations, so instead I got into the holiday mood this week by doing some – there’s not even a correct word for it – I want to say decorating/crafting/sewing? Let’s go with “Some DIY couch or sofa covers that you can make in less than an hour.”

We recently switched our lounge fabric couches with an older set of leather recliner couches that we used elsewhere. We did this for two reasons: 1. leather won’t collect fur and dust; and 2. recliners! But after the big furniture rearrangement, we learned we did not like the feeling of the leather (pleather? it is most likely imitation leather) on our skin. Tried draping blankets over them, but those slid right off or created annoying bunches.

I happened to have 2 lightweight fleece throws the right size (we have 2 couches) so I turned them into “couch hoodies” and so far it is a success in that they stay put and are comfy on the skin. Later, I might redo these with throws that match the couch colour as I’m sure that will look better, but for now it’s fine. I like the couch hoodies so much, I might make ones for whatever other fabric furniture we have as it will serve the same purpose of being easily washable.


These are not proper slip covers or anything, the sides are open to allow the couches to recline, but it was a quick and effective solution. No need to cut anything, just fold one edge over, sew two short bits that curve in at the top to fit better, pull the hoodie pocket part on the back of the couch and call it a day. Now we can sit on fabric, the cats can sit on fabric,  but it’s super easy to shake off outside and throw in the washing machine as often as necessary. I used pre-hemmed throws but you could use fleece fabric which has the benefit of not needing to be hemmed. I like the softness of the fleece and that it is slightly stretchy. Any other fabric will work too, but will need to be hemmed so stop the fraying.

 Some instructions




Happy crafting, if that’s your thing.



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